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Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

It’s important to plan for what happens after death.  A properly drafted Last Will and Testament is essential to provide for your loved ones and heirs as well as to mitigate tax consequences upon your death.   It is also important to acknowledge the possibility that, while alive, you may be unable to make medical and financial decisions.  A binding Power of Attorney and a definitive Advance Health Care Directive (Living Will) will provide such protection.


The death of a family member or other loved one can be traumatic.  An experienced attorney will provide guidance through a difficult experience and assist with the various liabilities facing an executor or administrator.  These can include federal or state inheritance taxes, Medicaid liens, and debts of the estate.  In some instances an attorney can protect an heir in an estate or challenge how an estate is being administered.


Contracts occur in one’s personal and business life.  An attorney’s expertise is essential to understanding your obligations and potential liability, which may not be evident from the printed page.  Having an attorney review a contract before signing it should be a reflex, particularly in this day and age.  An attorney can also provide contracts for any situation that should have an agreement in writing.

Real Estate

The buying or selling of residential or commercial real estate is a significant business transaction.  Experience is required to navigate the various pitfalls that can occur.  An adept attorney will look out for your interest, not that of the other parties, realtors, banks, or title companies.  A seasoned attorney can offer the client significant protection throughout the process without jeopardizing the sale.

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